Q  How much room do I need?
 A  Our 6m x 3m units hold a 4 bedroom house of furniture

 Q  How many cubic metre's is the unit?
 A  The units are approx 60 cubic metre's

 Q  How do I access the property ?
 A  Swipe card access to the main gate

 Q  Are the units shipping containers?
 A  No they are purpose built storage units with roller doors

 Q  How secure are the units?
 A  Swipe card access to the main gate and your unit is alarmed

 Q  How long can I rent for?
 A  You can rent short or long term, we cater for both

 Q  How quickly can I get a unit?
 A  Post quake has been very busy so inquiring ahead of time makes good planning

 Q  What are your normal hours?
 A  We are available from 8am till 6pm but can meet by appointment

 Q  What happens if I lose my swipe card?
 A  No problem, we can set up another card for you

 Q  What are the charges for a rental?
 A  The cost of the weekly rental, plus padlock if required

 Q  How do I pay?
 A  Payment is by direct credit in advance

 Q  Can you provide insurance?
 A  We are insurance approved or we can provide insurance for you

 Q  Is there anything I can't store?
 A  Yes see our "About Us" page for a list of items that can't be stored

 Q  Is the storage for household or business?
 A  We rent to anyone needing storage, households, businesses and trades people, etc

 Q  Can anybody get into the property?
 A  After hours, only tenants with swipe cards

 Q  Can you supply a lock?
 A  Yes see our "Services" pageIf your question is not answered here please contact us, you can either

PH:  0800 472 853   or   E:  info@kaiapoistorage.co.nz